About us

This proposes to be a team of aware and alert citizens of India, who
- have an understanding between Right and Wrong
- understand the value of VALUES
- have a dream of changing the system for good of the society and country
It is not mandatory that each member is highly active but what is important that each member has the dream of vibrant and joyful society which is free of vices and full of positive feelings and energy.

Any change starts with a thought, a dream and the thought (the dream) has been seeded here. Your participation is required to make the dream come true.

Join here and we together would make dreams come true.

The Nation Building Team stands on four pillars of revolution:

- Economic Revolution
- Social Revolution
- Political Revolution
- Spiritual Revolution

NBT proposes to be the answer to the rising corruption and degradation of values in the country. This team would like to ensure greater development of the nation, both materially and spiritually and put a check to the falling value system in the society.